Trade Winds : Nature Side

A curious and authentic atmosphere for all Nature lovers, with carved wooden products.

Our Nature collection is perfect for the gift shops of zoos, natural parks and museums. 

All our products are handmade with FSC certified wood, controlled by the Government and the WWF organization, in order to prevent from the deforestation and to maintain the ressources in wood.

  • Carved wooden decoration gifts
  • Ornithologic Visit
  • Sculpture & wooden games
  • Carved wooden catapults and whistles
  • Carved wooden key rings
  • Carved wooden pens
  • Carved wooden pens and magnets
  • Carved wooden pencils
  • Carved wooden pencil cases
  • Personnalisation
  • Thermometers & stuffed animals
  • Gifts & hurricane lantern
  • Cutlery

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