Trade Winds welcomes all Sea, Mountain... Nature lovers, and invite you to discover its inspiration across its collections.

Trade Winds Company presents her 2 brands : Alizés Créations & NaturaCréation.

Find our gifts and decoration products collections for the see, travel and nature lovers, in gift shop, decoration shop, zoos, museums and castles.

logo Alizés Création by Trade Winds

Table Art Side / Decoration Side

Nature Side

Travel Side

The feel of a walk on the sea side...

A gifts and decoration products collection on the marine theme : umbrellas, textile, rope items, fishing nets, floats, flags, boat models, pens, jewels.


Our beautiful and authentic products on nature theme are made for zoos, ornithological parks & tourist shop's visitors.

They make happiness of curious kids, collectors and natural items lovers.


The offshore wind is blowing on that collection which cleverly unite classic style and modern requirements ! Decorative objects of quality, which invite to travel and will give an adventure touch to the most refined interiors.


  • Sardines and Hearts collections
  • Regatta collection
  • The sea by blue white & red
  • Around rope collection
  • Smooth of nature collection
  • Blue, white, taupe
  • Rio colors... fishing on deco
  • Wall décorations & flags
  • Boat models
  • From music to collectors
  • Umbrellas
  • Styled accessory
  • Original gift boxes
  • Necklaces & wristlets "emotions"
  • Fantasy rings
  • Carved wooden decoration gifts
  • Ornithologic Visit
  • Sculpture & wooden games
  • Carved wooden catapults and whistles
  • Carved wooden key rings
  • Carved wooden pens
  • Carved wooden pens and magnets
  • Carved wooden pencils
  • Carved wooden pencil cases
  • Personnalisation
  • Thermometers & stuffed animals
  • Gifts & hurricane lantern
  • Cutlery
  • Nickelled finish collection
  • Porthole & bells
  • Shiny brass decoration
  • Sailing Wheel & chadburn
  • Antique brass finish decoration
  • Antique brass navigation instruments
  • Office products and compass
  • Key rings


Trade Winds is a french company, specialized in decoration products. As time goes by, our range of products has been enriched with many original and authentic items.



Our collections are proposed by the best distributors in France and all over the world.  We exclusively sell to professionals.


Our team is based in the south east of Paris and travel across France and abroad.

If you wish to know more about us or for any information, don't hesitate to contact us .


Meet us on Professional fairs !

Villepinte (near Paris)